Welcome to Farmington Square

            Nestled in northern Saint Joseph County, Indiana is Farmington Square—a beautiful neighborhood, in Clay Township. The main road through the neighborhood curves through a wooded, hilly area where glaciers carved out black shale and limestone. What makes this a special neighborhood are the people, the landscape, and the sense of community created within its boundaries.

         The neighborhood was designed by Weiss Homes in the early 1970’s with the idea to leave nature intact. An abundance of wildlife, from birds to foxes, and coyote, turkey, and deer find a home in our greenspace and woods. Farmington Square was created with purpose—to leave trees and greenspace in place while giving home builders freedom to construct unique dwellings. 

The architecture is varied, often matching each homeowners’ distinctive taste such as Victorian, Cape Cod, Colonial, Contemporary, and Farmhouse inspired designs. The home designs give the area a unique style, which many homeowners say is what attracts them to this neighborhood.

            Granger, Indiana is known for having a temperate climate, where residents enjoy the diversity of four seasons and nowhere are the seasons more spectacular than right here, in our own backyards. The bursting color of Daffodils, Redbuds, and Dogwoods in the Spring make way for the shade from summer’s heat provided by an abundance of trees such as Silver Maple, Birch, Oak and White Pine.  Relax on a hammock in the back yard or cool off while enjoying the community of the Farmington Square Pool.  In the fall, the Sassafrass trees lead the brilliant display of color with deep oranges, yellows and reds.  While raking leaves you might catch a glimpse of a Barred Owl, hunting for its next meal. And in winter, when it’s quiet, you may see a family of deer, picking their way along a snowy path.