Farmington Square Covenants

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Frequently Asked Questions


Payable annually to Farmington Square Homeowners Association, Inc. on or before March 1. Members not current in the payment of dues may be precluded from the use and enjoyment of Green Belt Areas and facilities until dues charges are made current. For more information, see pgs. 15 & 16 of the covenants.


May be ornamental or architectural only. Must receive approval from Farmington Square, Inc. before being erected. For more details, see pg. 3 of the covenants.

Post Lights

Must be lit from sundown to dawn the following morning. For more details, see pg. 3 of the covenants.

Sheds and Non-Permanent Structures

Changes to Architecture / Construction: Must be approved in writing by Farmington Square, Inc. or by a representative designated by said corporation. For more details, see pgs. 3 & 11 of the covenants.

Trash Bins

Must be stored inside permanent structures. For more details, see pg. 4 of the covenants.


No trash burning, other than trees or leaves, is allowed. St. Joe County typically declares a burn amnesty in the spring and fall for leaves. For more details about FSQ bylaws, see pg. 4 of the covenants.

What are Green Belts?

Green belt areas are all real property owned by Farming Square Homeowners Association, Inc. for the common use and enjoyment of all members of this association. Theses areas are shown by diagonal lines on the recorded plat of FSQ. For more information, see pgs. 6, 9, and 14of the covenants.